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102 niche ideas for YouTube Channel to work

102 niche ideas for YouTube Channel to work

Tutorials or How To:

  • Solution to any problem.
  • Tutorials on any skill
  • Tutorials on any language
  • Tips and tricks
  • How to do
  • How it works


Movies News, Short Clips, movie starts:

  • All about film industry


Motivational Speaker:

  • People love to listen motivational speakers to boost their moral level and energy.
  • Tell people about the secrets of life
  • Tell people to live better life
  • Tell others how to make good relations
  • Anything which can motivates a person

Any Services Videos:

  • You can sell your services by creating good videos
  • Ads videos creation
  • Promotional video message
  • Helping others videos
  • Any product base services


Injustice, Cruelty and Poverty:

  • Highlight injustice, cruelty and poverty
  • Suggestions to get rid of these evils
  • Tips to stay away from these bad habits
  • How to create healthy environment

Politics, Nation, Country:

  • Political videos for any country (mostly your own)
  • National strengths and weaknesses
  • Country economics, resources anything like that
  • How powerful a country is


 Health, Fitness and Diet For men and women:

  • Medical tips for sound health
  • Body building stuff, helping material
  • Weight loss tips
  • How to have a healthy meal

Insurance, Business, Marketing Tips:

  • Best insurance plan for children
  • Best insurance policy company
  • Pro-business tips to grow well

News, Trendy Topics best:

  • Latest news
  • Trendy topics that goes viral
  • Media dual role play topics videos
  • Media efforts for a good cause
  • Bad media news


Pro Tips to Grow here:

This is for experts, who are guru in their fields and want to share their knowledge to public. They can help people in this way.

  • Pro tips for business
  • Pro tips for better life
  • Pro tips for better environment
  • Tips to make good relationships
  • Any tip you can give to your audience.


 Free Stuff to Download Here:

  • Software, games, apps
  • You may also drive traffic to your blog by providing giveaways
  • Premium stuff giveaway

Short Clips Creation:

  • Funny short clips
  • Casual meetups
  • Scandal (not recommended by me J )
  • Info about anything in short video

Images Compilation:

  • Wall papers compilation in best categories
  • Pictures of nature compilation
  • Any celebrity pics which may goes viral
  • Beautiful place images compilation
  • Beautiful scene of nature picture compilation

Cover songs:

  • Sing cover songs for your favorite singer
  • Convert old songs to your own voice
  • Make your own song

Education, study tips

  • Education help for better career suggestion

Beauty Tips:

  • Beauty tips for women and men

Travel guide and help:

  • Guide for those people who want to visit beautiful places, means tourists guide.

Fashion News, Trend, Upcoming:

  • All about fashion world

List of Top 5, 10, 20, 100 etc:

  • List of top 5 (anything)
  • List of top 10 (anything)
  • List of top 20 (anything)
  • Any list based on facts an figure

101 niche ideas for YouTube Channel to work

Daily Vlogs (Routine Life Explain):

  • Explain how you work
  • How you live life
  • How you solve problems
  • Anything which you can share publically

Celebrity Explaining:

  • Short biographies
  • Good or bad things about celebrities
  • Their life style
  • Their work
  • Their humanity
  • Their dual faces
  • Anything which makes people love or angry.

Funny Topics:

This is maximum viewed niche on you tube , and persons just love to opinion these vlogs and part with other families. So here below come groups of funny videos given:

  • Funny Pranks
  • Funny Children
  • Funny Mistakes
  • Funny Accidents
  • Funny Cartoon Characters
  • Funny People
  • Funny Talk shows
  • Funny Jokes

Technology Topics:

Tell people about latest technologies, how it works? And how it is changing our life. You can make tech reviews, gadget reviews etc.

  • Gadget Reviews
  • What’s next in technology
  • Big tech launches
  • Tech for fun
  • Tech for life

Gaming Topics:

  • Latest tips and hacks about games.
  • Reviews on games
  • How to play games?
  • How games actually work?
  • Games cheat
  • Download games Free.
  • Games Fun to play


101 niche ideas for YouTube Channel to work

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