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Astrology – The Step-by-Step Beginner’s Course

Astrology – The Step-by-Step Beginner’s Course









cap Will I Learn?

know the essential components of Astrology

the most effective method to translate the components of Astrology

essentially read a translate a Natal Chart

know the Astrology Working Tehniques

have a superior comprehension of Astrology and how it functions

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You require a PC and web association

You require enthusiasm and a receptive outlook towards Astrology


Crystal gazing is one of the most established exercises humankind began to examine with a specific end goal to have the capacity to clarify a few things better, to comprehend distinctive occasions throughout his life and ultimatly to know himself better.It’s an intricate and mysterious pseudoscience which lamentably has been approach to greatly denaturated by beginners and in the most recent decades by daily papers, sites, TV stations, magazines et cetera!

Crystal gazing goes considerably more remote than what you find in the every day horoscope and practicly the vast majority of the circumstances has nothing to do with what really occurs in somebody’s life. At most, what you find in these day by day horoscopes is an unclear general propensity for a specific gathering of individuals spoke to by a zodical sign, however as I expressed some time recently, it has nothing to do with what really happens.

There are various components, computations and understandings that should be made keeping in mind the end goal to have the capacity to make sense of various things throughout somebody’s life.

This course is adressed to all individuals that need to begin a trip in the awesome universe of REAL ASTROLOGY and to take in the essential components like:

the zodiacal signs,

the planets,

the mysterious houses,

the angles,

the astral subject

working tehniques

so You can have the capacity to practice and read somebody’s Natal Chart and Astral Theme.


The course was deisgned by MINERVA, a world renouned soothsayer from Romania, that reviews crystal gazing for over 25 years now, has various courses and classes regarding the matter, including MEDICAL ASTROLOGY, and furthermore more than 5 BEST SELLING BOOKS distributed.

She is likewise welcomed in various TV appears and to compose articles for well known distributions in the area and she has an alternate and one of a kind expert approach towards crystal gazing.


Along these lines, on the off chance that you need to become more acquainted with people around you better, to know yourself better and to have a clearer comprehension of why things are going on the way are going on around us, than this course is for you!

Press the “Take this Course” catch at this moment to go along with us and we will see you within to begin your adventure in the realm of Astrology!


PS: Don’t stress, you have a 30 day unconditional promise, so if there is something you don’t care for or you feel that you didn’t learn anything valuable, you can simply have your cash back. No dangers required for you at all!

Who is the intended interest group?

Anybody inspired by Astrology

Any individual who wnats to know himself better

Any individual who needs to comprehend people around him better

Any individual who needs a superior comprehension of the Universe and Events as a rule
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