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Chakra Healing Course + Guided Meditations ★ Energy Healing

Chakra Healing Course + Guided Meditations ★ Energy Healing











What Will I Learn?

  • Comprehend Chakra rudiments
  • Take in the physical and passionate association of your Chakras
  • Comprehend what issues show from blocked Chakras
  • Have the capacity to distinguish where the Chakra blockages are in your body
  • Know how to rapidly center and unblock your Chakras
  • Utilize my Chakra smaller scale reflections for quick recuperating
  • Use my “All Chakras” reflection for progressing “upkeep” of your psyche, body and soul
  • Have the capacity to interlace these systems into whatever other mending methodology you may as of now do (eg. Reiki, knead, and so forth)
  • Have the capacity to help manage others in a similar procedure – quick!



This is course is perfect for the individuals who don’t have a great deal of time – I demonstrate you basic approaches to utilize Chakra recuperating to feel better quick!

Execute and entwine these systems for your customers (even utilize the gave guided reflections)

Have admittance to the web

Have the capacity to watch and tune in to video instructional exercises

Have the capacity to download and see PDF documents

Have the capacity to download and tune in to MP3 documents

*If you’re a guaranteed healer in some other methodology, you can present a short demand for a Certificate of Completion toward the finish of this course to add to your achievements!


Maybe you work extend periods of time? Are a bustling guardian juggling a great deal of assignments? A honing healer searching for another approach to open up your endeavors? Or, then again can’t concentrate that effortlessly all alone? Despite the circumstance, I made this course so anyone can learn, particularly for the individuals who don’t have a considerable measure of time to put towards contemplation and self-reflection.

What’s in store

In this course, you’ll figure out how to recognize the current issues, see how they’re identified with blocked vitality territories in your body, then have the capacity to concentrate on clearing the related Chakra(s), so you can rest easy, quick! Also, you needn’t bother with any understanding to take in these basic strategies – and – they’re speedy and simple!

If it’s not too much trouble take note of this is not a complicatedly ‘inside and out’ course on Chakras, it’s a course to help you effectively learn and rapidly actualize mending, be it on yourself or others!

The course covers the nuts and bolts about what vitality recuperating is, educates what chakras are and how they’re associated with your physical being, and afterward controls you to utilize the gave miniaturized scale reflections to every zone keeping in mind the end goal to ‘mend on request’!

In case you’re a current ensured healer in any methodology (eg. rub specialist, Reiki expert, and so forth) you’ll have the capacity to effectively use these strategies with your customers! All things considered, existing healers have the alternative to get a redid Certificate of Completion (PDF) and a Digital Seal of Completion (JPG) which you can add to your rundown of existing achievements!

Likewise with every one of my courses, I’ve outlined this one to act naturally paced and totally computerized, so you can go as gradually or as fast as you prefer. Utilizing the devices I give here, in the event that you just have a couple of minutes occasionally, even that will do you a ton of good!

Once enlisted, simply download the short course handbook, composed by Melissa: Chakra Healing on Demand – A Quick Course in Using Micro-Meditations to Heal (PDF). The book is set up in a ‘speedy reference’ style, so you can get ideal to what you have to manage without having to “burrow” for the data! There is a Human Chakra Poster (PDF) to download so you can rapidly learn Chakra areas and afterward recognize the regions of concern.

The genuine center of this course are the seven (7) dazzling Chakra Micro-contemplation sounds (MP3). When you download and listen when required, they’ll be the way to helping you feel better quick! Regardless of the possibility that you skip everything else and simply utilize those reflections, they’re speedy, simple (and unwinding!) and will control you towards unblocking that particular area of concern. You can utilize them as regularly as you prefer and for rehearsing healers – you can even utilize them as a major aspect of (or in conjunction with) you’re existing administrations!

Also, I furnish you with the superb extra learning apparatuses, for example, Inspirational Posters for each Chakra (7 altogether – in PDF and JPG) to download and use as screen savers, desktop foundations, or to try and print out! You’ll get the Meditation Scripts for each Micro-contemplation sound to utilize on the off chance that you’d get a kick out of the chance to record your own reflection, or to use to peruse out loud to companions, family or your customers! You’ll likewise have the capacity to download my 5 Minute Guided Meditation (through address and MP3 download) to help unwind in distressing circumstances. And after that to finish it off – I’ve joined all the smaller scale contemplations into a solitary, lovely longer “All Chakras” reflection sound (MP3) for when you’re ready to invest a tad bit more energy in mending yourself! The “All Chakras” contemplation can be utilized as a general mending instrument, or similarly as a continuous reflection – practically like “upkeep” for your psyche, body and soul!

Once you’ve experienced every one of the addresses and honed when incited, you’ll be have every one of the devices you have to recognize issues with your Chakras – and to clear them! From that point, in case you’re a current guaranteed recuperating specialist (of whatever other methodology) and need to get my redid Certificate of Completion (PDF) and a Digital Seal of Completion (JPG), simply total the short poll toward the finish of the course!

A portion of the extra advantages of this course incorporate having the capacity to make more ‘mental space’ in brief timeframes, discharge stress, be more focused and quiet in your regular day to day existence, accomplish more otherworldly mindfulness and even have the capacity to draw in plenitude into your life – and a great deal more! Keep in mind, on the off chance that you (or your customer) can feel better – notwithstanding for a minute – that is one minute our great world is more symphonious than it was some time recently!

Ultimately, as I keep on adding more accommodating data to this course after some time, you’ll have lifetime access to it!

Vital Note: Melissa should get a computerized duplicate of your past recuperating declaration, genuine name and email address by means of the Chakra Healing Course survey keeping in mind the end goal to make and email your tweaked endorsement to you. If it’s not too much trouble permit up to 2 weeks for your declaration to be messaged to you. Your points of interest stay classified and are just utilized as a part of the computerized conveyance of your endorsement.

Who is the intended interest group?

This objective is perfect for anyone who needs to pick up the physical and enthusiastic advantages of Chakra clearing

In the event that you don’t have a great deal of time, this course is ideal for you! It’s been made in an arrangement that is brisk and simple – both in the learning and the usage!

While this course stands firmly all alone, it can supplement and develop procedures others use in their own recuperating methodology (eg. Reiki, knead, and so on)

No earlier learning or experience is fundamental, however this course requires you to have a receptive outlook 🙂
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