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Consulting Approach to Problem Solving

Consulting Approach to Problem Solving










What Will I Learn?

You will comprehend and value the critical thinking method utilized by the top counseling firms like McKinsey, BCG, Bain and Strategy&

In the meantime you will get to know how business and counseling ventures should be organized

You will ace the essential information on speculation based critical thinking that will give you a chance to continue to more propelled courses on taking care of business issues

Basically, you will have the capacity to awe either your manager or your conversationalists at business case interviews

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This course is intended to be a prologue to the theme and no earlier information nor experience is required. All things considered, a comprehension of the essential rule that oversee business associations will give you a chance to get a handle on the ideas I show here snappier.


Do you feel that you definitely know every conceivable structure of business critical thinking (Porter’s five strengths, the BCG-framework and so forth.), yet you are as yet not positive about utilizing them? Or, then again perhaps you as of now took a course on administration counseling critical thinking approach, yet the language utilized didn’t sound good to you (The 80/20 lead, MECE and so forth.)? Regardless of whether you’re an understudy considering for case interviews or a representative, what you may need is a thorough aproach to critical thinking that produces steady outcomes.

Assuming this is the case, this course is for you! I can promise you won’t locate another such thorough initial course on speculation based critical thinking – the top counseling firms’ method of decision on a wide range of business counseling engagements.

With the substance in this course I might want to acquaint you with the point of business critical thinking. If you discover this presentation supportive, I would be charmed to welcome you to my more propelled courses that I mean to distribute soon. They will expand on the information from this course keeping in mind the end goal to grow encourage the points secured here.

Be that as it may, until further notice we should hop into this course. Hit Enroll and let me demonstrate to you an approach to end up noticeably a rising star of critical thinking in business!

Who is the intended interest group?

Candidates to counseling firms considering for case interviews

Junior examiners and specialists beginning their counseling vocation

Business visionaries beginning their experience with business

Directors, extend administrators and venture colleagues who take care of business issues in their work environment

Everybody intrigued by taking in a critical thinking strategy utilized by the top counseling firms


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