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Free Download Umer Iftikhar youtube course with affiliate marketing 2017

Free Download Umer Iftikhar youtube course with affiliate marketing

Free Download Umer Iftikhar youtube course with affiliate marketing
Free Download Umer Iftikhar youtube course with affiliate marketing

Umer Iftikhar youtube and affiliate marketing course

It has turned out to be very difficult to see how one can profit online by means of YouTube. It has turned out to be very difficult to see how one can profit online by means of YouTube.
I was the principal ever individual who propelled YouTube Courses Online in such a nitty gritty way, to the point that anyone could without much of a stretch comprehend the essentials and nuts and bolts of YouTube.
So I have propelled Advanced YouTube Training once more

Advanced YouTube Training – Adsense + Amazon Via YouTube 2017

This is the most broad guide as indicated by current updates and strategies of YouTube which were reported on April 6, 2017, that “No advertisements will be served on a channel until the point that they achieve 10,000 life time sees”.
Indeed, even from that point onward, a manual audit process will start to settle in the event that they will be acknowledged into YouTube Program arrangements or not.
Why This Advanced YouTube Training? 
Back in May 2016, I propelled two YouTube courses, “YouTube Real Earning” and “YouTube Buddies”. which concentrated on essentials and basics of YouTube and also by passing the copyrights.
It helped numerous understudies in Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh. They actualized a similar system that I instructed and got enormous outcomes.
I got part more messages in pm and remarks where time by time understudies demonstrated their outcomes as some were acquiring $1,000+ every month and some $2k+.
In any case, it was a sublime result of mine that changed such huge numbers of lives and now they are supporting their home and family and getting a charge out of a full-time salary from home.
In this way, I chose to dispatch the course with most recent and vital arrangements that have bothered numerous YouTubers as they have no clue, which specialty they should target, how to outperform 10K perspectives and get adaptation empowered.
Here you go.
Profit On YouTube with Adsense Training Context:
An uplifting news is that this preparation has just been propelled and numerous understudies have joined and begun working. Here is a total insight about what points I have canvassed in this preparation.


Section 1 What is Google Adsense – Complete Overview
A short prologue to Google Adsense and the procedure how it functions.

Section 2 What is YouTube and what are present arrangements?
All the most recent data on YouTube late updates of 10K perspectives and different arrangements. Additionally, I have characterized my total procedure as how I am functioning now on YouTube

Part 3 YouTube Hot Niches Ideas – Niches That Get 10,000 perspectives Fast
Did you know there are 100s of Hot Niches accessible you can pick and begin working right at this point? I characterized Hot Niches that get 10K perspectives quick

Part 4 How to Find Keywords for YouTube – 1,000+ watchwords in a day
The most exceptional and demonstrated systems to discover 1,000+ watchwords in a solitary. (My own method)

Section 5 Channel Logo and Art Creation
A straightforward manual for plan logo and channel workmanship with Sothink Logo Maker and Photoshop

Part 6 How to Create YouTube and Google Adsense Account alongside Channel Branding
A concise manual for making a YouTube channel well ordered and agree to accept Google Adsense Account. After all these extra rules for finish channel marking.

Part 7 How to Prepare Data for YouTube Videos
A basic system to accumulate all data for making dazzling recordings which are sans copyright

Part 8 How to Create YouTube Videos
Brief Guideline to make YouTube Videos utilizing Camtasia

Part 9 How to Make Live Recording Lectures
How might you make an instructional exercise sort recordings? It is characterized here.

Part 10 Video Creation Guidelines
Another piece of video creation with one of my video that I made for one of my channels

Part 11 Checklist of SEO for YouTube Video
All the imperative focuses to consider while doing SEO for YouTube Videos

Section 12 Thumbnail Creation Guideline
How might you make an infectious thumbnail for your video? Characterized here

Section 13 YouTube Video SEO Strategy – OnPage
A brief and well ordered rules to do OnPage SEO. I transferred a video and indicated everything live as how I do it

Part 14 How to Create Free Blogs for Backlinks for YouTube Videos
Finish well ordered procedure to make web 2.0 web journals, for example, Blogger, WordPress, and so forth to earn free backlinks to support our recordings positioning

Section 15 How to Use Quora for Views and Backlinks
A free strategy to drive quality movement + increasing free backlink

Section 16 How to Use Social Media to Promote Videos
A procedure characterized to use Social Media Platforms for engagement, perspectives, and positioning

Section 17 Overview video for working with Adsense – Checklist
Overpowered with data? Here is a speedy agenda of what to do
Also, I need to say this is not only a basic preparing, all you will learn is my very own experience that I have been applying since 2014 on YouTube.

Profit on Amazon Via YouTube: 
Following several days chipping away at Adsense, I was once finding a video thought to make for one of my channels which were about Top 10 and I watched one video about where the maker really alluded a few connections in the portrayals.
I immediately checked those connections which were Amazon partner links.I acknowledged around then the universe of YouTube I
I understood around then the universe of YouTube has numerous things to do. We don’t have just a single stage (Adsense) to profit on YouTube.
Luckily, I tried couple of things in Feb 2017, directly following a month I got hitched.
Indeed, it was January 13, 2017, I got hitched at long last to the Girl who I cherished 😉
Indeed, in the wake of testing couple of things, the outcome I got was extraordinary as I just had posted couple of recordings on that channel.
amazon-gaining 768×230
Really adequate right?
Indeed, there are the couple of ways we can adjust to do as such. So I completely looked into for Amazon and I found that Affiliate promoting is another best and in reality more productive approach to make attractive measure of wage from our recordings.

Download Umer Iftikhar youtube course with affiliate marketing 2017

What is Affiliate Marketing? 
Member advertising is where you elevate another person’s item to potential purchasers and when they make any buy, you get a commission from the seller which is called associate commission and the procedure is called Affiliate Marketing.
There is a little examination in working with Adsense and working with Amazon.
With Google Adsense: We require increasingly activity on the grounds that Adsense is a CPM and CPC arrange which pays on sees or on clicks.
With Amazon: We require just purchasers, we needn’t bother with huge amounts of movement. Actually, in the event that we simply get ten clients and four of them purchase the item that we are advancing, we make an enormous measure of cash.
So here is an entire detail of what I am instructing in this course.

Part 1 What is Affiliate Marketing
A concise prologue to Affiliate Marketing

Section 2 How to Create Amazon Account
Well ordered procedure to make Amazon Account for YouTube.

Section 3 How to Create Affiliate URL in Amazon
Understanding the way toward making Affiliate URL to get commissions

Part 4 How to Do Keyword Research for Amazon Products for YouTube
My basic system and mystery equation to investigate watchwords

Part 5 How to make Amazon Videos
Finish rules on the most proficient method to make items audits recordings to produce deals and benefits.


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