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Amazon Affiliate Conversion Tips + OTO

Amazon Affiliate Conversion Tips + OTO

My Best Amazon Affiliate Conversion Tweaks, Tips, and Tricks

That Drastically Increased My Earnings

what’s more, Give Me Daily Earnings Like You’ll See Below

jennifer-ledbetter-authorHello and welcome! My name is Jennifer Ledbetter – referred to online as ‘PotPieGirl’. I’ve been an Amazon offshoot since 2007 and I LOVE it.

I’m likewise a ‘test-a-holic’ – I adore testing new thoughts and procedures that can help every one of us improve and in particular – EARN more.

All consistently, I test numerous, MANY little changes and methodologies to help enhance my snaps and transformations as an Amazon member.

The current year’s guide is MUCH greater than a years ago – it is stuck stuffed with the “most elite” change changes I have tried throughout the entire year that have enhanced my offshoot interface clicks AND my transformations to deals.

This 120+ page guide is a fundamentally a “mind dump” of the best systems that helped me to build my Amazon member profit by 36.3% in 2016 versus 2015.

This All New What Works Now 2.0 will help you get the edge over all the “other” Amazon members out there who are as yet doing things the same ol’ way – yet expecting (and seeking after) various outcomes.

In What Works Now 2.0, we will discuss compelling approaches to be inventive with your Amazon limited time content, about approaches to up your deals AND remain important, how to wow your perusers and be HELPFUL

(all while expanding your snaps and deals)…

Also, we’ll be gabbing about “sparing the deal” and “free cash” =)

Underneath you will discover every one of the points of interest from the principal release of What Works Now…

Be that as it may, we now have an ALL NEW version of What Works Now as of October 11, 2016 and it contains ALL NEW changes, tips… and yes, even a few traps, to help YOU increment YOUR Amazon Affiliate income.

Amazon Affiliate Conversion
Amazon Affiliate Conversion

Essential Note!

This is NOT a “refresh” to the principal What Works Now Guide – this is an absolutely new preparing guide

(also, a few recordings as well!)

I’ve been trying these things ALL YEAR LONG and these are all new tips, changes, and traps. A huge amount of work, time, and exertion went into What Works Now 2.0 – it is FAR from a “refresh”.

Inside this guide are the aftereffects of what works best for me and acquires me more cash therefore.

  • What Works Now 1.0 – The FIRST EDITION Info
  • What Kinds of “Tips and Tweaks” are in What Works Now?
  • We’re talking basic things anybody can do. For instance:
  • the best place to put your connections (dependably do this!)
  • a specific KIND of picture that works incredibly well
  • step by step instructions to “change” connects so they get clicked a LOT more
  • a straightforward change to truly amp up deals from versatile activity
  • a specific shading that truly expands CTR
  • what’s more, a whole lot more
  • In case you’re as of now getting activity to your associate website pages,
  • you could see the aftereffects of these changes quickly

This guide incorporates live illustrations and screenshots of the systems and in addition top to bottom contemplations about every one.

deals going-upThese are additionally the tips, methods, devices, and site page changes I for one use in 2016 to further expand my profit.

No lighten. Simply genuine live tips, systems, and changes you can quickly go apply to your own particular Amazon subsidiary pages or potentially utilize them on future associate site pages you make.

These tips and changes can be connected to your own particular WordPress-based subsidiary destinations or ANY site you use to advance Amazon items.

A large number of these systems are compelling for a subsidiary advancement – not simply Amazon offshoots – but rather the guide is coordinated towards other Amazon partners like me.

Every year around October, I do a top to bottom audit of my Amazon details and perceive how all my different tests performed.

This empowers me to know the most ideal approaches to change my momentum website pages for better deals all through the Christmas shopping season and to set up my locales for better execution all through the following year.

Q – Can non-Amazon members advantage from this guide?

A-Yes, on the off chance that you put member content on your blog or somewhere else on the web, I feel beyond any doubt a large portion of these procedures will help your substance improve too.

Regardless of whether it’s Amazon joins or any partner connection, it’s about getting the snap. That is the best way to get the SALE – that is what really matters to this guide: getting more snaps and more deals.

Q – Do I HAVE to have my own WordPress site to utilize these changes?

A – No, there are changes that don’t depend on what content stage your work on and others that can be adjusted for your stage too.

Q – Is this a period constrained offer or some kind of item “dispatch” that will end soon?

A – No! This is not an item “dispatch” that will end at any point in the near future. This guide will be ideal here when you are prepared for it.

Q – What kind of preparing is this? Video? pdf?

A – This is a 47-page pdf manage/digital book that you will have the capacity to download and read immediately after installment.

Q – Did you make one of these What Works Now controls a year ago? I don’t saw it.

bug-shelled nut 1-21-2015A – No, unfortunately I didn’t make one of these aides a year ago.

I had TWO new grandsons conceived inside weeks of each other toward the end of last year, and like numerous, MANY different things, there sufficiently wasn’t time (or vitality) to accumulate all the details and set up it together as a guide.

Truth be told, I was fortunate if the clothing completed… lol!

Trust it or not, it takes a considerable measure to assemble something like this. All the test thoughts must be accumulated and executed and followed and they have all been out there working for quite a long time. At that point I need to assemble and dissect my outcomes… and set up it all together into a “Best of” guide – which is precisely what this What Works Now guide is.

This is not some little $7 digital book with a group of lighten – this IS the aftereffects of months and months of my very own time and exertion and intellectual prowess. In the event that you feel this guide is excessively costly, I apologize. I know the estimation of what’s in this guide – and I have probably different genuine members will likewise observe a similar esteem.

Coincidentally, in case you’re interested, these two little folks to the privilege are the reasons there wasn’t a What Works Now direct a year ago – best reasons EVER =)

Yet, this year, as I contemplated and explored my outcomes from every one of my tests, I was so overwhelmed by the wonderful consequences of a portion of the changes and strategies that I knew I essentially HAD to assemble everything for other Amazon members.

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