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Amir Iqbal Complete Seo Course Urdu/Hindi Free Download

amir iqbal complete seo course


amir iqbal complete seo course
amir iqbal complete seo course


Our self-managed SEO class is an ideal asset to learn best practices and find significant SEO counsel and instruction.

Our composed, peaceful preparing gives an assorted accumulation of SEO training materials including composed lessons, instructional recordings, presents, tests, and that’s just the beginning.

In the event that you’d jump at the chance to get a sneak crest at the course content, simply tap on Expand All beneath. You’ll see all lesson subjects and related session times accessible inside the online SEO course.

Fundamental SEO Course Outline

Obviously, every Course has its framework. So before we begin the lessons, we’re giving you the breakdown of the principle modules and what you’ll be receiving in return

Here’s the course layout:

How do web search tools Work?

Prologue to web search tools

Look creepy crawlies



  • Layers
  • On location Optimization
  • What is nearby enhancement
  • On location elements
  • Meta labels
  • Watchword thickness
  • Picture alt content
  • Outbound connections
  • Interior connecting
  • Slugs
  • Website optimization copywriting (content improvement)
  • Off Site Optimization
  • What is off site advancement
  • Off site variables
  • Joins
  • Grapple content
  • Stay title
  • Linkbaiting
  • Gathering posting
  • Blog Posting
  • Website design enhancement Facts and Figures

How vital is SEO today?

Hunt is as yet the greatest diversion around the local area

Web perceivability

How vital is it to be on first page of SERPs


How web crawlers think


The SEO opportunity


The watchword outline

The triage

Objective setting

Investigation 101

On location SEO

Building site perceivability

Slithering your site – instruments and systems

Nourishes and sitemaps

Geek STUFF: Log investigation

Geek STUFF: Getting genuine (time)

Site structure

Inside connecting

Center pages

Geek STUFF: PageRank mapping

Page structure: On-page alters and labels

Overseeing nearby alters (without going crazy)

Content Strategy

Why this matters more than whatever else

Governs for good online duplicate

Altering existing duplicate for better SEO (without sounding doltish)


Generation 101 for internet composing

Why blogging is as yet composition

Setting a publication timetable

Offsite SEO

Essential external link establishment

Registry accommodation

Web-based social networking profiles


Content turning

Blog syndication

Official statements

Why you shouldn’t get excessively amped up for syndication

Interface sleuthing

What the heck does that mean, at any rate?

Broken connection repair and redirection

Discovering non-connecting references

Asking for connections

Making companions and affecting influencers

Who your third party referencing crowd truly is

Mixed pursuit

Picture advancement

Video advancement

Shopping bolster streamlining

Website optimization measurements

What you ought not track

What you ought to track, and how

Geek STUFF: Attribution

Examination 201

Geek STUFF: Advanced examination reports


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amir iqbal complete seo course

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