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BackupBuddy – WordPress BackUp Plugin Free Download

BackupBuddy WordPress BackUp Plugin


Why Backup Your WordPress Site

and Protect Your Online Work?


wordpress hacks

HACKS BackupBuddy WordPress BackUp Plugin

wordpress server crashes

SERVER CRASHES BackupBuddy WordPress BackUp Plugin

wordpress malware


wordpress client mistake

Client ERROR BackupBuddy WordPress BackUp Plugin

wordpress erased records

Erased FILES BackupBuddy WordPress BackUp Plugin

wordpress awful charges

Awful COMMANDS BackupBuddy WordPress BackUp Plugin

Your WordPress site needs a dependable reinforcement system utilizing a trusted WordPress reinforcement plugin like BackupBuddy. WordPress does exclude worked in reinforcements, so we fabricated BackupBuddy in 2010 to address the issue for a strong WordPress reinforcement arrangement.

BackupBuddy WordPress BackUp Plugin

Indeed, even your host reinforcement may not be sufficient in the event that you encounter a server crash. Different WordPress security issues incorporate hacks, malware, client mistake, erased documents and running awful orders. These things can totally wipe out your WordPress site until the end of time. Having a present reinforcement of your WordPress site is basic for securing your site. BackupBuddy is here to offer assistance.


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A Solid WordPress Backup Strategy

Your reinforcement arrangement needs four segments to be fruitful. Some reinforcement arrangements cover a few however not all, leaving your site helpless. BackupBuddy covers every one of the four reinforcement components in one single plugin. So if something turns out badly, sit back and relax. BackupBuddy moves down your entire WordPress site, gives booked reinforcements, enables you to send/store reinforcements remotely off-site, and has a procedure for rapidly and effectively reestablishing WordPress from a reinforcement.

BackupBuddy WordPress BackUp Plugin
BackupBuddy WordPress BackUp Plugin


Go down your whole WordPress site (database + all WP documents).

programmed wordpress reinforcement


Set up reinforcement timetables to run naturally.

remote wordpress reinforcement stockpiling

BackupBuddy WordPress BackUp Plugin


Send and store your reinforcement documents off-site in a protected, secure area.

wordpress reinforcement and reestablish


Reestablish your WordPress site rapidly and effectively from a reinforcement.

Redo Backup Contents BackupBuddy WordPress BackUp Plugin

Not all WordPress reinforcements are indistinguishable. Run database, records just or finish reinforcements, or set up custom reinforcement profiles.

Downloadable Backup Zip Files

After a reinforcement finishes, you can download a compress record of your whole WordPress site.

Booked Backups

BackupBuddy offers programmed WordPress reinforcement plans (hourly, twice day by day, day by day, each other day, bi-week by week, week after week, month to month and that’s just the beginning).

Store Backup Files Remotely

Naturally send your reinforcement records to a few remote WordPress reinforcement stockpiling areas including BackupBuddy Stash, Amazon S3, Google Drive, Dropbox and more.

Moment Email Notifications

Know instantly when BackupBuddy completes or needs consideration so you can simply make certain you have a present and helpful reinforcement of your site.

Reestablish WordPress with ImportBuddy

BackupBuddy incorporates device called ImportBuddy to reestablish your WordPress site to a past reinforcement if something turns out badly.

Reestablish WordPress From A Backup BackupBuddy WordPress BackUp Plugin


BackupBuddy’s WordPress reinforcement and reestablish highlight is brisk and straightforward. Basically transfer the ImportBuddy document and your reinforcement compress record, and ImportBuddy will walk you through the means to reestablish your whole WordPress site, including your substance, subjects, plugins, gadgets and everything else.

Individual WordPress File Restore

BackupBuddy WordPress BackUp Plugin

See substance of content based records (.php, .html, .htaccess, and so on.) and reestablish individual WordPress documents to their unique area (undelete or “move back” a record).

WordPress Database Rollback

Move back your WordPress database with only a couple clicks. BackupBuddy’s WordPress database rollback is helpful for when you incidentally forever erase a post, page or remark.

Finish WordPress Website Restore

BackupBuddy handles reestablishing your whole WordPress site back to its unique grandness, including all transfers, media library documents, subjects and plugin records.

Highlights for WordPress Security and WordPress Optimization

We likewise make a WordPress security plugin as a partner to BackupBuddy to secure and ensure your WordPress site. BackupBuddy incorporates a couple worked in WordPress security and WordPress streamlining instruments to help your site run securely and all the more productively.

Reject Files and Database Tables

Pick which records (or database tables) to prohibit from your reinforcements. This is useful in the event that you have an envelope with loads of high-res pictures or recordings.

WordPress Malware Scan

BackupBuddy does a free malware sweep of your webpage to ensure your website and your online notoriety are squeaky clean with all the real boycott checks.

WordPress Server Tools

Investigate your server settings and capacities. Our inherent server instruments are super useful for finding conceivable facilitating issues.

Serialized Data

Engineer FEATURE

Most WordPress reinforcement plugins simply skirt serialized information, since it’s muddled to relocate legitimately.

Database Mass Text Replacement

Designer FEATURE BackupBuddy WordPress BackUp Plugin

Refresh message all through your database. This is incredible for refreshing URLs, strings of content.

WordPress Cron Manager

Designer FEATURE BackupBuddy WordPress BackUp Plugin

See, erase or physically run WordPress planned CRON employments on low-activity locales.

Intelligent Site Directory Map BackupBuddy WordPress BackUp Plugin

Imagine what takes up the most space on your site. It’s truly cool to burrow through and see your records along these lines.

Database Scan and Repair BackupBuddy WordPress BackUp Plugin

Sweeps and repairs regular issues with your database.

Redo Backup Storage Limits

Restrain the number and size of the reinforcements you store so you don’t top off your Stash account with 40 old reinforcements.


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