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E-commerce platforms

E-commerce platforms a brief overview of the 10 most used e-commerce platforms. You can view our tips if you hesitate between a SaaS platform or CMS for your next online shop.
Create a free e-commerce site here some free e commerce platform you used for free store. E-commerce website
e-commerce platform


PrestaShop – Free e-commerce software

With these 200,000 online stores, PrestaShop is easily installed and also has a plethora of themes to customize your e-commerce. Numerous extensions allow you to add features to your site. However, most are paying, which can quickly burden the bill.e-commerce platforms

eCommerce Software & eCommerce Platform Solutions | Magento

Launched in 2008, this open source tool allows you to create a fully customized online store. You also have the choice of many templates, classified by theme, allowing you to start quickly. Finally, Magento has several native applications to help you manage your e-commerce from A to Z.

OpenCart – Open Source Shopping Cart Solution

Opencart is an open source solution key free hand. It is recommended to small traders and start-ups for its speed of installation and cost of setting up very small. For cons, the number of features and customization are limited compared to competitors.ecommerce platforms

WordPress is the star of the CMS. Many plugins that will allow you to install your wordpress shop a few clicks and have access to a library of thousands of topics. However, to fully use its resources, better manage HTML and CSS

This free and open solution can be installed on any server, provided to master the procedure. To this end, Os Commerce is rather intended to entrepreneurs who know how to code or master a minimum the bases. While it is always possible to use a service provider to be helped!

Free open source software, ZenCart incorporates many native features. It allows you to have a comprehensive online store, with the necessary to propel your business: newsletters, gift vouchers, sponsorship system, multiple payment methods, choice in delivery, etc.
Pay platform to create an e-commerce site

Solution ecommerce WiziShop: create an online store

WiziShop is distinguished by its ease of installation, which does not require any special knowledge. This platform provides all the basic functionality required for your e-commerce: sending newsletters, search engine optimization, mobile version, etc. In terms of cost, registration is free, but you will have to pay a percentage of your turnover.

Create an online store | Creating e-commerce site with Shopify

This SaaS platform lets you create e-commerce in 48 hours, from an existing theme or building your design 100% personalized. Regarding the price, you will have to pay a monthly subscription that starts at $ 29 / month for small businesses. It will also pay sales commissions. ecommerce solutions

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