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EasyAzon v4 – The #1 Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin

EasyAzon v4 – The #1 Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin


EasyAzon Affiliate WordPress Plugin

EasyAzon Affiliate WordPress  Plugin
EasyAzon Affiliate WordPress Plugin

Control Your Affiliate Links Without Fussing With Code

Control your member connects through site defaults or on an individual connection by interface premise. Finish control without knowing how to code.

EasyAzon Affiliate WordPress Plugin


Effectively set connects to open in another window when clicked, apply a no take after quality, shroud for SEO purposes, show an item fly up, incite a client to add a thing to their shopping basket and consequently limit subsidiary connections.

The most effective method to Make More Money Using EasyAzon 4

Naturally create Amazon commissions from worldwide activity

EasyAzon 4 has a worked in programmed connect localizer that will take your Amazon offshoot connection and show a connection for the Amazon region in light of who is going to your site – Huge commission supporter!

You can make member connects or empower interface limitation for any nation Amazon has a partner program in including: United States, Canda, China, France, Germany, India*, Italy, Japan, Spain and United Kingdom. (*Must be inhabitant right now, yet this may change)

Agree to accept other Amazon associate projects (allowed to join and you can utilize a similar site you utilized earlier) to take part in interface confinement.

Truly check one single box in the EasyAzon 4 settings to consequently limit your subsidiary connections and take advantage of squandered universal activity

Outside movement amazon member

EasyAzon Affiliate WordPress Plugin


73,653 International Visitors From One Website (Over 25% Traffic From The Top 10 Countries Alone That Could Be Generating Commissions With Link Localization Turned On)

Empower Product Pop Ups To Attract User Attention And Get More Affiliate Clicks!

EasyAzon 4 has an item fly up arrangement worked in that can be activated on a site wide or singular connection premise.

Fly up contents snatch clients consideration which can prompt more Amazon partner interface snaps and more commissions for you.

Amazon Affiliate WordPress Popup

EasyAzon Affiliate WordPress Plugin


At the point when a client floats more than one of your subsidiary connections with item fly up empowered this happens.

Set Affiliate Links To Add To Users Shopping Cart

(More Opportunity To Earn Commission)

On the off chance that a client navigates your associate connection and adds a thing to their shopping basket you have an additional 89 days to get a commission in the event that they purchase the thing they included.


You can empower or handicap “Add To Cart” in EasyAzon 4 for singular connections, and in addition, flip it on or off for your whole site also.

“EasyAzon Affiliate WordPress Plugin”


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