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Learn Top Ten PHP FrameWorks By Building Projects

Learn Top Ten PHP FrameWorks By Building Projects

  • Fundamental Information of PHP, MySQL and HTML is required for taking this course

ONE COURSE TO RULE THEM ALL- Eduonix brings you an distinctive and revolutionary course which is able tomake it easier tobe taughtthe highest ten standard PHP frameworks. It shouldmake it easier tobe taught why a specific framework is fitted to a venture. It shouldpresent you the entire perspective throughout all of them and canmake it easier toselectthe most effective framework on yourventure.

Every framework comes with its personal set of advantages and options. In case you are new to coding and haven’t butdecided which framework matches your creatingmodel, then this course is ideal for you.

Our PHP framework tutorial covers 10 of the most well-liked frameworks which can beout there. These frameworks includetotally differentoptions that make it stand out amongst the opposite frameworks. Not solely will we go over every framework and its options, however we will even use the framework to create an utility for some hands-on expertise.

On this course, we’llcowlthe next frameworks:

  • Learn to create a Affected person Supervisorutilizing the CakePHP framework
  • Design a Job Boardutilizing the Yii2 framework
  • Create an Occasion Calendar with the Symfony framework
  • Construct a SparkupCMSutilizing the Codeigniter framework
  • Learn to design a Picture Gallery with the Laravel framework
  • Create a KnowledgebaseutilizingZend framework
  • Create a RESTful APIutilizingSlim framework
  • Make a FreshIdeas Concept Diaryutilizing the Nette framework
  • Design a WeblinkSupervisor with the PHPixie framework
  • Create an Albumshelf with the FuelPHP framework

We’ve got managed to pack lot of excellent stuff and funkyimprovementmethodsin a singlefull course. With a lotinformationand knowledgein a single course, what are you ready for? Enroll now and discover out which framework will make it easier to create the followinghugeventure..

Learn Top Ten PHP FrameWorks By Building Projects
Learn Top Ten PHP FrameWorks By Building Projects

Part 1: Course Intro
Part 2: CakePHP – Affected personSupervisor
Partthree: Yii2 – Job Board
Partfour: Symfony – Occasion Calendar
Part 5: Codeigniter – Sparkup CMS
Part 6: Laravel – Picture Gallery
Part 7: Zend – Knowledgebase
Parteight: Slim – RESTful API
Part 9: Nette – FreshIdeas Concept Diary
Part 10: PHPixie – Weblink Supervisor
Part 11: FuelPHP – Albumshelf
Part 12: Abstract

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